Services & Fees

The Pillars of the Plan

Strongside will personalize a system to simplify your income and expenses, track your assets and liabilities and develop a disciplined debt repayment strategy for your household.

Strongside develops custom portfolio models through evidence based investing. We feature investment income & growth strategies as well as capital preservation strategies that are catered to your household.

Strongside will right-size your emergency fund and review if risk mitigation tools such as life, disability, health, long-term care, or homeowners insurance are an appropriate fit for your family. Strongside recognizes the extreme predatory nature of whole life insurance policies and works diligently to avoid incorporating them into financial plans.

Strongside will reveal forward-looking, tax-efficient opportunities that are within your financial ecosystem. Whether you are an employee or a business owner we will deploy necessary strategies to provide tax-efficient opportunities. Some of our favorites are bonus depreciation, Roth conversion strategies, tax lost harvesting, the solo 401k, and taxable income control. We use a variety of investment vehicles to ensure tax efficient distributions and income control.

Strongside will help you understand the true benefits of your employment beyond compensation. We are able to review your benefits package in its entirety and assist in the selection of benefits. This includes qualified retirement plans, deferred compensation packages, and group insurance options.

Strongside will calculate and plan for education costs, college savings opportunities, 529 planning approaches, financial aid, and student loan repayment options. Whether it is for you, your child, your grandchild or a niece or nephew there is strategy that can be deployed.

Estate planning must be done intentionally in order to protect your family now and direct your assets later by reviewing account titling, beneficiary designations, last wills, trusts, guardians, and powers of attorney. Create a legacy plan that provides support for your family in the event of a catastrophe. Estate planning can get expensive fast, have us by your side before you lock yourself into a trust that must be amended yearly at a significant cost. Our goal is direct assets efficiently and ensure that only the best asset types are passed onto the next generation.

Strongside will develop a personalized strategy for tax-efficient accumulation of assets and distribution of assets that achieve financial independence and create clarity around generational wealth. We will also help you analyze and utilize the roles of government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to protect your lifetime accumulation of assets.

Strongside will develop a plan to strategically distribute plan assets to mitigate unwanted tax burdens and ensure you retain as much of your retirement assets as possible throughout your lifetime.

If you are charitably inclined, Strongside can assist in tax-efficient gifting to loved ones as well as organizations. Did you know that RMDs can be satisfied through charitable gifts to organizations?

The Strongside Fee Structure

Why Did WE Choose The “Monthly Subscription” Model?

Strongside firmly believes that running our business in the most ethical manner possible will accelerate our growth for long-term success. We will always be invested in our client’s whole success and financial independence rather than solely the assets we manage on their behalf. As an independent, flat-fee, fee-only, fiduciary firm Strongside believes firmly in fee transparency. The monthly flat fee subscription allows us to provide conflict free advice while other advisors charge commission, portfolio management fees, or both which creates the potential for massive conflicts of interest.

Let us Explain.

Example: The Jones Family has a net worth of $2 million dollars and has assets of $700,000 managed by XYZ advisors who charge a 1% portfolio management fee. If Mr. and Mrs. Jones decide they want to take half of that portfolio and use it towards a real estate purchase, the advisors at XYZ would lose half of the assets that they manage. If the advisors at XYZ let this happen, XYZ would lose half of the revenue generated by the Jones family for their firm. This conflict of interest might cause some of the advisors at XYZ to talk the Jones’ Family “off the ledge” even though real estate might have been a great option for their family for income replacement and early retirement.

At Strongside, we avoid this conflict all together by utilizing a business structure that aligns our company goals with building your family’s net worth rather than assets under management. Our bottom stays the same regardless of the asset class we recommend to the clients we serve, and the asset classes we recommend surely do not always involve the market.

Our Final Fee Model – Hourly Plan

Strongside also has the option to provide financial advice at an hourly rate of $300. This is used for advanced consultations and one-off ancillary projects. Some examples of hourly projects we have completed are estate planning consultations to organize your thoughts before heading to an estate attorney, Cash Flow and Budget review/implementation, 529 plan set-up, and insurance and risk consultations to make sure your family is protected. Often these one-off projects lead to long-term relationships with the families we educate.

As an independent, fee-only, fiduciary firm Strongside believes firmly in fee transparency. We will only charge for the value that we provide to you and your family. Our fee is derived from the assets we protect and grow, the planning we provide, and the fiduciary advice that we give to your household. We list our fees with our services because we want you to know exactly what to expect.

We are never compensated for advising you to purchase a particular mutual fund, ETF, stock, or any other investment product. We are also never be compensated for selling any particular insurance product, Strongside does not sell any products at all. We believe it would be in the best interest of everyone if all advisors acted in this same capacity.

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