Our Team

Tyler Murphy
founder & President

Email: tyler@strongsideasset.com

Tyler works closely with ESOP participants to assist them in achieving financial success, financial independence, and a fruitful retirement.

He specializes in comprehensive financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, education planning, ESOP education, and the ESOP distribution and diversification process. Tyler has an overall goal of assisting clients achieve financial independence. 

Tyler founded Strongside to help serve the growing need for guidance in the ESOP participants distribution process due to its various complexities and tax implications. Tyler has extensive experience in both the distribution and diversification process of an ESOP and is committed to serving ESOP participants with a fiduciary duty.

joshua lutkemuller, CFA
head of investment strategy

Email: josh@strongsideasset.com

Josh joined Strongside in September of 2021 and will assume the position of Head of Investment Strategy as of January 1, 2022 in line with his registration with the state of California.

Prior to joining Strongside Josh proudly served six years in the Army National Guard. Josh also gained three years of experience as a Mortgage-Backed Securities Trader at large bank in their Capital Markets division. Josh was responsible for hedging a $15B residential loan portfolio using TBAs and other derivative instruments. Josh describes himself as service oriented and has bridged his military service into serving clients as their primary guide to financial independence. He is dedicated to providing investment management and real estate consulting services to his clients.

Josh broadened the reach of Strongside to serve not only ESOP participants but many other individuals, families, and members of the military.


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