Our Team

Tyler Murphy
founder & President

Email: [email protected]

Tyler works closely with business owners, and real estate investors, and ESOP participants to assist them in achieving financial independence, and generational wealth.

He specializes in comprehensive financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, education planning, ESOP education, the ESOP distribution and diversification process, and efficiently utilizing real estate in financial plans. He believes that nearly every small business owner should have a solo 401k due to its high contribution limits and tax savings ability, he also believe this is the best way to turn your business into an investment vehicle. Tyler has an overall goal of assisting clients achieve financial independence.  

Tyler originally founded Strongside to help serve the growing need for guidance in the ESOP participants distribution process due to its various complexities and tax implications. Tyler has extensive experience in both the distribution and diversification process of an ESOP and is committed to serving ESOP participants with a fiduciary duty.


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