a flat-fee firm redefining financial planning.

We deliver financial advice and investment management solutions catered towards each generation using specific tailored advice for a flat fee.

Wealth Management For:


ESOP Participants

Real Estate Investors

Generational Wealth

We aren’t your average financial advisor

  • We don’t sell financial products or funds that you don’t need
  • We create a holistic roadmap that analyzes your current finances and efficiently routes you to financial independence & generational wealth.
  • We utilize asset classes such as the equity market, fixed income and real estate to achieve financial independence and create generational wealth

You’re Nervous About The Current State Of The Markets

We are here to increase your sleep quotient and give you piece of mind that your money is working for YOU. We recognize that the stock market doesn’t always generate positive returns, but using our evidence approach and our long-term investment strategy, we are confident you will earn a competitive rate of return.

You Have Old 401(Ks), Stock Options, ESOPs or other Qualified Plans

Strongside was founded on being the rollover expert in the financial planning industry. Rolling over a 401(k) is a complex decision with pros and cons that is not always the best move, ask us why.

You Want To Get A Financial Plan Going But Don’t Know Where To Start

Starting a financial plan and anxiety go together like peanut butter and jelly. We have the expertise to educate, guide and monitor a financial plan that puts your family’s best foot forward. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of your family’s finances by ensuring your capital is deployed correctly.

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Committed to Serve

Strongside Asset Management LLC is an independent, fee-only, fiduciary, flat-fee wealth management firm that is dedicated to the financial success of ESOP participants, individuals, real estate investors, & families through comprehensive financial planning and investment management. Strongside operates on the belief that financial advice must be made strictly in the best interest of the client, and we believe the Flat-Fee & Fee-Only model fits that the best.

We serve as a fiduciary to our clients wealth and ALL of their financial goals.

The Flat Fee Difference: Being a Flat-Fee, Fee-Only firm allows us to act with true transparency in order to give each and every family peace of mind. The key is knowing exactly what services you are getting at a clearly stated cost. We do not share the conflict of interest that most other advisors have in the fact that they have to keep you in assets under management to make their money. We recognize that sometimes the best plan does not involve assets under management.

Strongside Quality

Why choose us?

Beyond Fiduciary

What does it mean?

We are legally required to act in the best interest of our clients at all times. We go beyond it, not only are we legally bound to it, but our fees align to the standard as a flat-fee firm. We hope that fiduciary becomes the industry norm and that firms choose to go above and beyond this minimum criteria.


No Hidden Fees

An extension of our fiduciary duty. We never sell products or receive commissions.  Strongside only receives compensation directly from our clients through a transparent agreed-upon flat-fee. Our standard practice is to collect a financial planning fee up front with an ongoing monthly fee for all of our services.

Ready to start Planning?


No conflict of Interest

Strongside is an independent firm. We are not investment bankers, brokers, or insurance providers. We are here to provide unbiased, quality advice without outside pressure to sell certain services. We utilize equity markets, fixed income, real estate and private businesses to build family wealth.

Do Any Of These Describe Your Situation?

You are scared to invest and don’t know where to start

Learning how to invest definitely takes some time. You often face various questions with unclear answers. Where do I research? What platforms do I use? What accounts best suit my needs? Is index investing for me? Who can I trust? Whether you join Strongside as a client or not, we would love to answer your questions.

You have old 401(K)s, Stock Options , RSUs, etc.

The benefits you receive from your employer are often great and hugely important for your financial success. But sometimes they are not as straightforward as they should be. They require lots of attention and are attached to potentially severe tax consequences. Whether you join Strongside as a client or not, we would love to answer your questions.

Ready to start Planning?

You aim to create generational wealth for your family

The most important ideas at Strongside in our financial planning process are generational wealth and financial independence. Our goal is to help you achieve both of these goals in the most efficient manner possible by looking at not just the assets we manage but all of your assets and streams of income. We do not just manage assets, we manage all financial aspects.

Expanding Our Knowledge Of The Markets

Strongside’s Core Belief Is To Continue Building Competency For Each Of Our Employees

  • Here are Strongside Asset Management, we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and emphasis on continuing our education.
  • Strongside is comprised of individuals who have sought out to achieve some of the most highly regarded designations in the Financial Services Industry.
  • Tyler Murphy passed the CFP® exam in early 2021 and is awaiting the work experience requirement in order to claim the designation.
  • Joshua Lutkemuller, CFA began the CFA journey in 2017 and earned the charter in March 2021.

Only 1.7% of Financial Advisors in the US are CFA Charterholders…And we have one

  • The CFA credential is the professional standard of choice for investment firms worldwide.
  • Earning the CFA charter is a difficult journey. Less than 20% of candidates that start the CFA process actually go on to earn their CFA charter.
  • To earn this designation, it requires four years of professional experience and on average over 1,000 hours of study preparation to pass all three CFA exams.
  • All CFA Charterholders are required to attest his or her compliance with the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

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